[ Capacity 50g ]


Whitening + Anti-wrinkle Functional Cosmetics

Skin science high technology water shine salmon gold cream containing

French PDRN (salmon DNA), pure gold, and Centella asiatica extract


PDRN (salmon DNA) + pure gold (99.9%) + centella asiatica extract + plant stem cell culture medium + EGF

- PDRN (salmon DNA) and centella asiatica that has efficacy of repair and prescription of EGF and plant stem cell culture extract maximizes synergy effect for skin.

 - As it contains pure gold with excellent skin purification, it makes the skin clean and healthy.


- It is dual functional product that niacinamide and adenosine ingredients help for skin whitening and anti-wrinkle.


- It contains panax ginseng callus culture extract that hold a patent and hydrolyzed collagen and peptide, it prevents skin aging with elasticity increase.

- As premium hyaluronic acid contains tremella fuciformis (mushroom) extract and it fills moisture and prevents moisture evaporation from the skin by forming moisture membrane and pulls moisture from the outside to maintain shiny skin. Oil ingredient of squalane strengthens skin barrier to keep the skin healthy.

- Based on prescription of various herb extracts including centella asiatica extract, it makes sensitive skin beautiful and healthy. It alleviates skin irritation and skin stress and it soothes the skin to maintain healthy skin. 

* It helps your skin to be able to regenerate quickly with healthy skin by happening synergy effects in cell restoration with the moment of using medical procedure of clinic that needs skin regeneration or after operating on DNA salmon injection. It is also more efficient after doing medical procedure of pore, laser for scar , laser toning, MTS, Fraxel.

Apply evenly an appropriate amount of the product over the face and let the contents absorb by covering your face.


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